Bib Record Fields Protected in Backstage Loads

Certain fields in Millennium bib records are protected during loading of records updated and modified by Backstage Library Works. Below is a list of Millennium fixed and variable fields that are protected.

This means that even if you make a change in these fields in a bib record between the time we extract records for sending and the time we load the records Backstage returns to us, your changes will be preserved.

Millennium fixed fields: 



Cat date

Bib level

Material type


Millennium variable (MARC) fields:

All numeric variable length fields, but particularly:

001 OCLC/vendor number

050 LC call number (field tags c and y)

086 SuDoc Number in the call number index (field tags c and y)

090 Locally assigned LC call number (field tags c and y)

099 Locally assigned other call number (field tags c and y)

970-972 Millennium- specific fields, part of the default setting for the load profile

856 Uniform Resource Locator

927 Local field used for miscellaneous licensing/ebook information

928 Field for ebook vendor/package information

935 Old NOTIS number

986 Alternative SuDoc number