R07 – Unmatched Primary Headings Report

Unmatched headings reports are comprised of headings for which a valid LCSH was not found in Backstage processing. These include headings in other thesauri, vendor-supplied headings, or typos in otherwise correct LCSH.

  1. Look at each heading in the report.
  2. Find the Millennium record (number should be in the report).













3. Call up the OCLC record, using wither the 001, or in the case of electronic books, the 035. If there is no 035, do an ISBN, author, or author/title search to locate the correct record in.













4. Compare the subject headings in the Millennium record to those in the OCLC record. Subject headings with 2nd indicator of other than 0 are likely from other thesauri (like Children’s LCSH or Medical Subject Headings) and invalid for us.

If there are INVALID headings in a 650 b0 (b = blank) field in our Millennium record, delete them after making sure that they are invalid (search LCSH in ClassWeb to make sure) AND that there are other valid LCSHs in the record.

If deleting invalid headings leaves you with NO subject headings in a record, see if you can figure out the equivalent and valid LCSH (s) for the title. You may be able to glean something from the OCLC record that will help.













5. If you cannot figure out an equivalent subject heading or otherwise don’t know what to do, mark the line in the spreadsheet for me.

Helpful tools:

Bibliographic Formats and Standards from OCLC:  https://www.oclc.org/bibformats/en.html

ClassWeb:  https://classificationweb.net/

Cataloger’s Desktop: Subject Headings Manual (For lists of free-floating subdivisions, or Pattern headings, where subdivisions for a type of organization are used for organizations of that type–an example is that subdivisions established for Harvard University are valid for any other college or university). http://desktop.loc.gov/

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