Standards Management and Assessment

The Standards Management and Assessment Team in the Technical Services and Collection Management Unit is charged with deciding and maintaining descriptive standards for library catalog data, including database quality control; exploring descriptive standards for non-traditional library materials and those standards’ usefulness for the library catalog; administering the authority control outsourcing program; labeling of physical library materials; being the unit ILS liaison with Library Technology; and collecting and compiling unit statistical data.

SCA Gift Books

Monday, December 9th, 2019
- ADDS CATALOGING Search Millennium first to make sure that the item in hand does not need to be added to a bibliographic record already in the catalog. Add bib location r to the bib. This will make the Millennium location multi. If you need to use an existing bib record, add the following note to […]

If and When Kronos Fails (For Student Workers)

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016
-  Report to immediate supervisor (Library Specialist) any issue with clocking in and out. If Kronos gives an error message, report this as well. For instances when Kronos is not recording, or is incorrectly recording time, make sure to report to your supervisor when you arrive, when you clock in and out for lunch, and when […]

Undifferentiated Names in Backstage Notification Files

Monday, March 21st, 2016
- In our quarterly update (Notification) service, we often have name authority records that are spun off of undifferentiated name records we have in our catalog. These records appear in the NAME.NEW and the NAME.CHG files. Undifferentiated name records were allowed under AACR2: if a cataloger found a conflict between two writers but could not find […]