ALMA – Depot Mail Processing Workflow

Depot Mail Processing Workflow



  • Please remember to check the hallway mail table after the courier has arrived to pick up bins. (Times may vary as the courier service is run by student workers.)
  • Please check the outside mailbox at around 1:00 p.m.

Place all mail (letters) in the box of the addressee. Open all packages (except those addressed to Joshua Morgan, Darius Jones, or a name unknown to you. Please deliver boxes for Josh or Darius to their work area.) Digital Preservation Area

All other items should be dispensed as followed:

  • Journals / Magazines / Newspapers should be placed in the Cooper bin.
  • Amazon items should be placed on the cart labeled courier/mail inside the Electronic Resource room
  • All Gobi orders should be placed on a cart inside of the Electronic Resource room with their invoices attached. Please try to keep all funds together…(An example of this is 09s are for ARCH/CDCL, thus place all 09s on the same cart and leave the cart beside the empty bookcase at the back entrance of the Electronic Resource room.)
    • Melanie Keeler (Acquisitions Library Manager) gets all GOBI books, except for items received on account number 5959-80, which are standing orders and should go to Andrea Grimes.
    • Joanna Roa gets all Amazon items and items received direct (from any vendor other than, GOBI)
    • Andrea Grimes gets all GOBI orders from account number 5959-80 AND all microfilm/microfiche.
  • There are times when large packages addressed to employees arrive.  Items that have the name of the GOV DOCS lead or Collection Management lead may be opened. Packages addressed to Darius Jones or Joshua Morgan should be left unopened. Leave the item on the mail table and inform the addressee via email.

Please remember to use COVID-19 protocols…this means that you should not hand deliver mail. Place all mail addressed to an employee inside their box. All packages should be handled as described above. If you are unsure about an item, please ask either Alydia Sims ( or Lisa Bodenheimer (


rev. 9/20/21