Physical Processing Options – ALMA

What physical processing options are available in Alma?

Alma workflows enable the processing and routing of physical resources, including the handling and return of damaged items. Item processing and receiving can be done singly or in bulk, and authorized staff have options at this point for creating an invoice, noting that further physical processing is needed, approving for routing, and more.

Staff can search for new physical material by matching the Purchase Order line with the material received. Staff can then indicate whether further work must be performed before the material is available to the library for which it was ordered.

As part of the receiving process, staff can choose from one of the following options:

  • Keep in Department — Indicates that further work is required before the material can be made available in a library (e.g. copy cataloging, further physical processing).
  • Send to Shelf — Indicates that the items received are shelf ready — with barcodes, spine labels, etc. No further work is required on the material and it can be sent the library.