Book for Book Replacements

See Circulation’s procedure on Book Replacements for background information.


  1. If Circ has provided you with the item that is damaged or to be withdrawn:
    • Scan the barcode into Millennium
    • Look at the resulting item record.
      • Change status to Withdrawn
        It may say “Damaged,” or it may say “Lost and Paid.” These indicate statuses that are used by Circ.
      • Change item code to Withdrawn
      • Change item message to c Send Catalogin
      • In the variable field window where the barcode is, add a new line, type in field code x for Internal Message; and use a macro to indicate DISCARD <month/year>
      • The macros are as follows:
        Discard – shift/F11 or Lost—control/F7
  2. With the replacement item:
    • Check against the bib for withdrawn item to see if it is truly a match.
    • If the new item is considered as being a ‘book for book replacement,’ add an internal note that will indicate this.

      If it is:

      • Barcode the new item; add an item record to the bib; select template(catMain: mst for Cooper monographs; other item templates are located in Admin→Settings→Templates); if the item was donated (or replaced by patron,) indicate via Gift internal note; write the call number in the item; and put aside for other processing.

      If it is not a match:

      • In the new bib, check the call number against the copy being withdrawn. Change the field group tag in the 050/090 field from Misc. to Call number (click in field, back tab to Misc., type c)b4b2
      • Change the bcode3 in the old bib record to n Suppress. There are no more copies on this record, so it can be suppressed from public view
      • Find and select another record from OCLC; load it into Millenium
      • Add a new item record to the bib.
      • Set holdings in OCLC for the new bib; remove holdings from OCLC for the old bib.b4b3