Handling Mail

In the morning (9:30-11:00), a member of LDO will receive deliveries in the back and bring it up to the mail area.

  • This includes YBP/GOBI, Staples, or anything that comes via UPS.
  • There may also be deliveries for Ray Keyes with Omnibond and Robbie Peden with Better Office Solutions (former tenants of the Depot). We may sign for these as well, but leave them in the back.
  • If you happen to sign for one of the tenants deliveries, notify Depot Operations Manager (DOM)/Building Security Coordinator by email.
  • When a YBP/GOBI delivery comes (normally once a week), do the following:
  1. Look at the sticker on the side of the box and process in order (07’s, 08’s, and so on).
  2. It is a good idea to put these in order on the mail table, and then just go down the line.
  3. Open the box and check the invoice to see if everything is included according to list.
  4. Put items in order according to packing list on the cart.
  5. Put invoice in the first book on the list for each box.
  6. Give all GOBI books and invoices to the Library Manager in Collection Management (Melanie Keeler) for processing. Items from GOBI that have the number -80 at the end of the fund code are on standing order and should be given to the Library Specialist for Continuing Resources for processing (Andrea Grimes)
  7. Recycle any paper in bins beside the mail table and any plastic (bubble wrap) in bins in the break room. Save any boxes and packing materials needed (for returns or shipping to Charleston). Saved shipping materials stored in hallway closet near the time clock.

After 1:00 p.m., check the mailbox out front.

  1. Usually, Amazon orders are delivered via first class mail. Open boxes, check invoice and give items with invoice(s) to the Collection Management Library Specialist.
  2. Take any donations (gifts) to the Collection Management Library Specialist that handles them.
  3. Leave pick-ups and returns on the desk outside of the Depot Operations Manager’s (DOM) office and notify either the DOM or the Off-Site Shelving Manager (OSM). There should be a specific basket for returns on the (OSM) desk.
  4. Anything that looks like a bill goes into the mailbox of the Head of TSCM, all other mail is distributed to boxes by name of addressee.
  5. Microfilm or microfiche should be given to the Library Specialist who does standing orders (Andrea Grimes).

In the afternoon, around 1:00-3:00 p.m., a student worker courier will return with the bins from the library branches and deliver to the mail table. Items are usually marked with a sticker indicating where and to whom they need to go. These items may include discards or replacements. We may also receive items being held for pick-up at the Depot with slip inside, and items with a sticker indicating they belong in offsite storage.

  1. Leave these holds on the desk outside of the OSM.
  2. After all items are distributed, return the bins to the mail area.


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