If and When Kronos Fails (For Student Workers)

  1.  Report to immediate supervisor (Library Specialist) any issue with clocking in and out. If Kronos gives an error message, report this as well.
  2. For instances when Kronos is not recording, or is incorrectly recording time, make sure to report to your supervisor when you arrive, when you clock in and out for lunch, and when you leave for the day. This is a good practice even when Kronos is functioning properly.
  3. Supervisor will alert Library HR for any discrepancies or missed punches, and issue will be handled accordingly.
  4. Continue trying to clock in each day, and notify supervisor if Kronos has started recording time properly again. (Sometimes it starts working again before we have been notified.)
  5. Supervisor can manually enter your time if this type of situation arises.
  6. Meet with supervisor after issue has been corrected to make sure that all manual punches were accurate.
  7. In the event that Library Specialist is not available, report all findings to Library Manager or SMA Team Lead, email Library Specialist and copy Library HR Manager. http://library.clemson.edu/depts/admin/human-resources/

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