Alma-Cataloging Gift Workflow – draft

Cataloging Gift Workflow in Alma

Search institution zone (IZ), network zone (NZ), and community zone (CZ) for the item

  • Search All Titles–Title
  • If the correct bibliographic (bib) record is in the NZ, then attach an item record to that bib.
  • If the item is not in NZ go to Metadata Editor (MDE) and select Search & Browse – Worldcat
    • If you can’t search in Worldcat, then check that the local options are selected for placement of new reords and templates as well as placement of new rules. Found under New–Placement Options
  • Find the correct record in Worldcat and import
  • Save
  • Create holding record
    • New–MARC21 Holdings–Books (Default)
    • 852 field put in b. main c. mst
      • Expand the field ctrl + F
      • Subfield h call number stem
      • Subfield i cutter
      • Subfield k for pre-stamps
      • Escape to close field
  • Create item record
    • Add Inventory–Add Item
      • This option displays right after a holdings record is created
      • If the Add Item in the MDE doesn’t work, go to the holdings record and from the ellipses View Items. Select Add Item at the top of the page.
    • Material type and item policy
    • Add barcode (the record automatically saves and closes when barcode is added)
  • Save and release the records
    • Bib and holdings record
    • Item record automatically saves, exit the item record
  • Link to the NZ (only do this if there isn’t a record already in the NZ)
    • Must save and release record first
    • Record Actions–Share with network
      • If there isn’t a duplicate record, the screen will go blank
      • If a duplicate message pops up, check out the other record to see if it’s a duplicate
        • If the record is a duplicate, link the record to the NZ record and delete the imported record (need to check on this to remember exactly if there is a duplicate record)
  • Set to a work order
    • See the work order procedure for further instructions concerning work orders
  • If you need to double check the record in Primo
    • Find record in Alma–ellipses–Display in Discovery
    • It’ll take a minute for any changes in Alma to reflect in Primo ie. suppressed record
      • Sometimes lag time is an hour
  • Go to Worldcat. Update the holdings
  • Cataloging Gift Items
    • Add an internal note in the item for gift items
    • Notes tab to add cataloging note in internal note field (Note tab will not appear until after the record has been saved.) Go back into the record to add the note
    • Add donation note in the Internal Note 1 by putting “Gift” in the field

By Allison Shultz

revised 1/5/2021 …