Relocation of Library Materials

It’s often necessary to move library materials from one physical location to another for a number of reasons: to optimize use; or to make room for other services.

These instructions are for fewer than 25 volume relocations handled by the Standards Management and Assessment Team. Please send the item(s) to be relocated to Alydia Sims at

Also, please note that the Collection Management Team is responsible for bulk relocations, and that process has been largely automated. Please contact Derek Wilmott ( for large relocation projects.

For single relocations:

We will receive an item with a note stating the Millennium bib number, barcode number, and an indication that the item needs to be relocated permanently and to what location.

SMA staff will take care of recoding the system location codes in the existing bib and item records, making sure that any call number written in the book is correct, and relabeling the item if necessary.

System recoding:

Both the bibliographic and item locations in Millennium may need to be changed; that is new ones added and old ones deleted.

For corresponding bib and item location codes, see our Branch Codes and Spine Labels Table.

Also, make sure that the item type and status codes are correct for the new location and the type of material. This information is also available in the Branch Codes and Spine Labels Table, or in the location and format-specific item record templates available in Millennium: Admin –> Settings –> Record Templates tab.

Physical Processing

After the bibliographic and item records are changed, the item should be given to Physical Processing for relabeling, if the label is faded or a different call number pre-stamp is needed for the new location.

The physical processor should also check that the location codes in the bib and item records are correct, just as in regular physical processing work.

Completed items should be put in the appropriate bins for delivery from the Depot.