Physical Processing of Special Collections and Archives Materials (Including Architecture Rare Books)


Most Special Collections materials are NOT stamped or stripped (or the piece itself marked or labeled in any other way).

Exceptions to this rule:

  • Clemson University publications (including print theses and dissertations)
  • Materials that are already marked with a barcode or other type of label
  • Materials with item location code suspc Special Collections Office

When in doubt, do NOT mark.


Use a locket (a hole-punched card with a length of cotton tape tied onto it) for the barcode and the call number label.

Locket example

Place barcode lengthwise on the locket card.

Place call number on the other side of the locket card, with the edge close to the bottom.

Place completed locket in volume with the card hanging over the spine so that it is visible. Trim tape to be level with the bottom of the volume if necessary.

Millennium item record codes/fields to change:

Fixed Fields:

  • Item type: 0 Non-Circulating
  • Status: o Lib Use Only
  • Location:
    • for print monographs and serial volumes: sst
    • for DVDs: sdvd
    • for maps: smap
    • for oversize volumes: sov

See Branch Codes table for more information.

Variable Fields:

  • Add a field for Barcode; scan barcode into the record.

Slips/Flags in Special Collections and Archives Volumes

Slips and gift flags in Special Collections volumes can be discarded unless there is a note saying “Notify Selector”–in that case, leave the slip in the volume.


These are treated the same way as materials for Special Collections and Archives, with the following exceptions:

  • Millennium item record fixed fields:
    • Status: t In transit
    • Location: aqr
  • If volume has already been marked (either before acquisition or by a Clemson cataloger), treat as a “regular” book.

Phase box

When processing an item with a phase box, always think about the item first. If it is rare, treat it as such (the same goes for ARCH, EDU, etc.,). If the item is new and being housed in the box due to any other issue (awkward size or book cover serves as a poster, etc.,) make sure that the item has the CU Libraries stamp and a security strip. All other normal processing should be placed on the actual box.