Resource Sharing

Renewals 101: Renewals of items borrowed through traditional Interlibrary Loan are at the discretion of the lending library, which is why patrons must contact us to request renewals. All books borrowed through PASCAL Delivers are eligible for a one-time renewal of 6 weeks; just visit My Library Account and renew the selected book.

High-Density Storage 101: How do we find material in high-density storage if it’s shelved by size and not call number? Barcodes!

Proxy Requesting for ILL and PASCAL 101: Although the ILLiad and PASCAL Delivers systems are not designed for proxy requesting, we have developed workarounds to enable this service for our faculty. Learn more here.

Resource Sharing Team

The Resource Sharing Team is responsible for Interlibrary Loan, PASCAL Delivers, Scan and Deliver, and Offsite Storage services.
Team responsibilities include:
– Filling requests for materials not held by Clemson Libraries
– Lending Clemson Libraries’ materials to other libraries around the world
– Purchasing articles, standards, reports, theses, and dissertations that cannot be borrowed
– Lending library materials to other South Carolina colleges and universities through the PASCAL Delivers system
– Scanning print journal articles and book chapters held in the Clemson Libraries print collection
– Fulfilling requests to retrieve and circulate materials held at the Libraries’ offsite storage facility
– Accessioning and maintenance of collections held at offsite storage facility

Download the resource-sharing-quick-guide. The guide shows who to call with questions about specific questions, distance education options for each service, and renewal options for each service.

Service Information

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan Team members provide interlibrary loan services for faculty, staff, and students. Team members process requests from our users to borrow books, articles, and materials from other libraries and work to fulfill requests from other libraries to borrow materials from Clemson.

PASCAL Delivers

PASCAL Delivers lets students and faculty at South Carolina colleges and universities search academic libraries all over the state and have books from other libraries delivered to them. Currently, Clemson students, faculty, and staff can search the libraries of Clemson University, the University of South Carolina, and many other institutions. For a complete list of currently searchable libraries, click on the “Actively Participating Libraries” link on the PASCAL Delivers webpage.

Scan & Deliver

Scan & Deliver is the in-house document delivery service that provides scans of journal articles and book chapters only found in the print collection.

Offsite Storage Facility

The Library Depot is a high-density storage facility that houses library materials and University records. Team members use the LAS system to retrieve items, reshelve them, and accession new materials. A scanning station is located there for quick delivery of scanned articles and book chapters.

  • Lighting shelves
  • Retrieving material for circulation
  • Retrieving material for scanning
  • Refiling items
  • Accessioning items

Team Members

Renna (Team Lead)

Oversees all Resource Sharing operations, conducts advance citation research, purchases material, contacts foreign libraries to arrange loans, troubleshoots system issues in ILLiad, INN-Reach, and Millennium


Manages ILL borrowing requests made by Clemson faculty, staff, and students


Manages ILL lending requests made by libraries worldwide.


Manages PASCAL Delivers services and Scan & Deliver services


Manages Offsite Storage operations