PASCAL Handling for All Service Locations

Receiving PASCAL items at Branch locations

When Gunnin Architecture Library, Tillman Media Center, or the Depot is selected as the pick-up location for a PASCAL request by a patron it will be set to IN TRANSIT at Cooper and delivered to the branch by the library courier.

  1. When the PASCAL book is received at the branch library you must CHECK IN the item to change the In Transit status to PASCAL RECEIVED.
  2. The patron will receive an automated notice that the item is ready to be picked up at the requested branch.

Checking out

PASCAL books are to be checked out at the pick-up locations (Cooper Circulation Desk, Gunnin, & Tillman Media Center).

  1. To check out a PASCAL item you must enter a “B” before typing the barcode.
  2. When checking the PASCAL items out to the patron, please adjust the due date in Millennium to match the due date written on the PASCAL item.

The due date will be written on the PASCAL label before being delivered to pick-up locations.


PASCAL returns should be checked in at the point of return (Cooper Circulation Desk, Gunnin, & Tillman Media Center).

  1. They should be marked with an “R” on the PASCAL label.
  2. Return the books to Cooper Room 413.