Library Depot Policies & Procedures

Scheduling the Conference Rooms at the Depot

You can now find each Library Depot conference room on the (server level) outlook calendar, room list.

To schedule this room: when you schedule a meeting, select the “Rooms” button next to Location and type in one of the following calendar names and it will add it to the appropriate calendar, reserving your room.


This is the large room at the front of the facility [Seating: 30 max]


This is the smaller room in the 121 suite [Seating: 12 max]

All library employees have author access.
Library policy is first come, first serve.
You don’t have to book them to use them but a reservation trumps all.


Recycling procedures at the Library Depot


There are six large blue recycling bins in the facility.  The large blue bins are for document destruction only.  (paper, books, magazines)  When four of the six bins are full, a workorder is sent to CU Facilities to pick them up for shredding.   The Library Depot branch manager monitors the bin levels on a weekly basis.


There is a green dumpster for recycling cardboard located at the back of the parking area.  Please do not place cardboard in the blue recycling bins.   The dumpster is emptied bi-weekly.

Plastic/Aluminum/Paper products

There are marked recycling bins located in the breakroom area.   GCA handles the recycling effort.

Office Waste

We follow the University policy for office disposal using the small blue bins for paper that have the small black bin attached for general trash.


Facility access at the Library Depot

(under construction-  card/key/visitors)