Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Unit provides critical support for all Clemson Library operations in the areas of facilities, financial management, communication, human resources, and logistics.


  • Attract, retain, reward, and develop top talent.
  • Assure compliance with all policies, procedures, mandates, and accounting principles in managing the library budget.
  • Ensure proper organization and access to physical materials owned by the library. Maintain logistical efforts to manage storage, retrieval, and timely delivery of such materials.
  • Oversee facilities maintenance in all library locations to create inviting, productive, and useful spaces for quiet study and reflection, for collaborative learning, and for partnerships with academic support services all contributing to student success.
  • Maintain and support clear communication among and between library employees. Create systems and pathways to share and receive information and communication to keep employees informed and able to contribute productively to organizational goals. Ensure timely communication with students, faculty, the university community and other constituent groups. Develop and monitor processes for feedback loops and remain responsive to user needs, suggestions, and interests.