Employee Referral Program

The University is hiring, and now Clemson is in a position to reward its employees for leveraging their extensive networks to secure new Clemson University hires.

Clemson University’s Office of Human Resources (OHR) will launch its new employee referral program on January 17, 2017. Throughout 2017, OHR will be partnering with Employeereferrals.com to offer this award program to Clemson’s employees in an effort to expand, improve and diversify the University’s pool of applicants.

How the Program Works

  • In the event that an eligible Clemson employee refers a new hire into an FTE position, that Clemson employee will receive a one-time, lump-sum award of 500 dollars.
  • Employees can leverage Employeereferral.com’s social media tools to share job referrals throughout their networks.

Employees are asked to contact ASK-HR/864-656-2000 with questions or concerns.