Work Schedule

When reporting to work, clock in and then check in with your supervisor. Before leaving work, notify your supervisor and advise him/her of any uncompleted assignments or other necessary information. If working on a shared project, place a note on the task that states what has been accomplished so that the next student worker may know how to proceed. Clock out at end of shift.

Employees may take a 15 minute break when you have worked 4 hours or longer. If an employee works for a consecutive 6-hour period, he/she should take a non-compensated (off the clock) meal break for at least 30 minutes. Breaks should be taken mid-way through a scheduled shift. Breaks do not accumulate so if a break is missed or not taken, it is gone. A break may not be used to arrive 15 minutes late or to leave 15 minutes early.

University student workers are not eligible for Paid Holidays nor are they expected to work on a University holiday. They are paid their regular pay for any hours worked on a University holiday. If Student Assistants choose to work on a University holiday, according to their schedule, they must be properly supervised and should not be working unaccompanied.

If unable to report to work due to illness, weather conditions, emergencies or time conflicts, it is imperative to directly contact the immediate supervisor prior to the scheduled shift. If a student worker does not report to work as scheduled, leaves work without approval, continually calls in sick, or fails to inform his/her supervisor of an absence, he/she may be subject to dismissal.

It is understood that school is the primary job of all students; therefore, supervisors are reasonably flexible with student schedules/labs/exams. However, it is the student worker’s responsibility to communicate his/her possible schedule changes in advance.

Students may work in more than one unit of the Library at any given time provided total time worked is less than 28 hours per week. International students may work up to 28 hours only during breaks.