General Guidelines for Student Employees

Student employees represent the University Libraries and it is imperative to represent in the best way possible. We expect student employees to maintain professional, cooperative, and efficient working environments. The following guidelines are intended to assist in this goal.

  • Your physical appearance and dress matters. Please dress appropriately for your position. Always maintain a neat, clean appearance. Avoid wearing torn, short, tight-fitting, or revealing clothing or that which bears inappropriate messages or images.
  • Customer service is an important part of your job.  You are a customer service representative whether you are in the forefront or in a supporting role, and your job is to ensure that students, faculty, staff, and the public are served well. Please welcome our patrons and attend to their needs. If you are unable to assist with a request or need, please make sure to seek someone who can immediately help.
  • Punctuality is very important. Reporting for your shift on time is expected. If an unplanned absence, illness or accident occurs, please call your supervisor as soon as possible. You must discuss any other schedule changes in advance with the supervisor.
  • You are required to stay on task in your assigned area while on duty. As an employee of the Libraries, you are expected to maintain professionalism at all times while working.  This includes responsible use of cell phones and other devices, limited visits from friends, and proper use of office computers, as they are university property.  Your supervisor will notify you of other related guidelines.
  • If the Library activity’s pace is slower than usual, please notify your supervisor when you have free time so that you may help with additional tasks. Your willingness to assist in other ways is appreciated.
  • Keep your work area neat and clean at all times. Eating/drinking in your work space should be minimized.  Your supervisor can provide more specific guidelines.

What can be expected of the Library?

Student Workers will be treated with fairness, honesty and respect at all times. Constructive feedback regarding work performance will be shared. A safe and comfortable work environment will be provided. The Library will equip workers with tools, skills and training to benefit in career pursuits. Supervisors train, inspire, lead, evaluate, and communicate with their student employees. Supervisors are intended to represent reliability, collaboration, integrity, and productivity so that employees will also produce successful work habits.