Conflict Resolution

Occasionally, work-related problems occur. When this happens, the student worker and supervisor should try to resolve the problem. Often, discussion between the two parties generates a resolution. However, many problems can be averted through open communication of realistic expectations on the part of both the supervisor and the employee.

Disciplinary Problems

All employees are expected to comply with University policies and procedures, State and Federal Laws, rules and regulations. While student workers are considered “at will” and no termination process is required, a healthy work setting is encouraged. Constructive criticism, verbal warnings and documentation of deficiencies are beneficial. A supervisor may send a follow-up email to the student after a verbal warning has been given.

Termination Policy

Student workers are “at will” temporary employees and are not guaranteed employment. Student Supervisors may choose to end employment with a student worker if there is no longer a need for their employment or if there are budgetary constraints.

Immediate dismissal may occur if continuation of employment could be detrimental to the Library’s operation. Egregious circumstances may warrant immediate termination. Examples include: insubordination, failure to comply with policies and procedures and inappropriate conduct.

Resignation is a voluntary act initiated by the employee to terminate employment with Clemson Libraries. Although advance notice is not required, at least 2 weeks’ written resignation notice is encouraged.