Compensation Information & Timekeeping


The starting salary for a University Library Student Assistant is $7.25 per hour. Pay for undergraduate students is based on the student job classifications.

Pay periods are the 1st-15th of each month and the 16th through the last day of the month. Paydays are on the 15th of every month and on the last day of each month (or the Friday before).

For new hires and rehires, there is a lag between the end of a pay period and the issue of a paycheck. The first paycheck will be deposited 3-4 weeks after the first day of work.

Pay Increases

Student workers may be eligible for a pay increase after working for the Libraries for one year. Raises are not automatic, but are dependent upon budgetary factors and work performance.

Timekeeping in Kronos

All student workers are responsible for clocking in at the beginning of a work period, out for a break, in after a break and clocking out at the end via Kronos. (Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer are preferred browsers. Google Chrome is not supported.)

It is recommended to bookmark the Kronos link. The user name and password are the same Clemson user name and password that is normally used. Note: Kronos is lower-case sensitive (for user name). Hours will be rounded to the nearest quarter hour. Students working over 6 hours are required to take a 30-minute break off the clock.

It is required that a “Record Timestamp” IN is completed upon arrival at work, timestamp OUT upon leaving for lunch, timestamp IN upon returning from lunch, and timestamp OUT upon leaving from work. If there’s a missed in/out punch, notify the supervisor immediately so time can be edited.

Time Clock Instructions

There is a Kronos touch screen time clock installed on the 3rd floor of Cooper Library by the elevators. This time clock can be used to punch in and out to record time worked. Instructions for using the time clock are as follows:

To clock in:

  • Press Punch In
  • Use your badge (swipe TigerOne card/badge with magnetic strip side toward machine)
  • Scroll down to locate Enter Job (not Job)
  • When job is located (at top toward the right side), press that job
  • Press Submit
  • If successful, light will turn green and a tone will sound. Time will then be collected.

To clock out:

  • Press Punch Out
  • Swipe TigerOne card/badge
  • If successful, light will turn green and a tone will sound. The screen display will read “Accepted Punch.”

Other information that may be viewed on the time clock:

  • Time totals
  • Leave
  • Messages

Direct Deposit

Direct payroll deposit service is required for all employees receiving pay from Clemson University. All employees are required to have 100% of their net pay directly deposited into a bank account. As a new employee, you are responsible for entering your correct bank account information into the HR database via ESS. Direct deposit for newly hired employees should be established within 10 days of your start date.

You can split your net pay in up to five (5) distributions. The distributions can be a mix of multiple financial institutions, as well as multiple checking and/or savings accounts. The policy and step-by-step instructions on how to access ESS to input direct deposit information can be found at

To view your payroll deposit online:

  • Log into Blackboard using your user name and password.
  • Open the “CU Faculty and Staff Resources” folder and click on Human Resources Self-Service. You will need to enter your user name and password again.
  • Click on “View Paycheck” under “Payroll and Compensation”. You can view your net pay and payroll history. If you want to see or print your pay stub, click on the check date. Pop-ups must be enabled for this to work.

W-4 and W-2

For information on how to change your W-4 default exemption or to view a prior year’s W-2, download the Clemson University Important Payroll Information (PDF).

*If graduating an/or changing address before W-2’s are released, it is important to update your address at your earliest convenience to ensure timely delivery of W-2.

*When no longer employed, the former employee may not view the online W-2. W-2’s for former employees are mailed at the end of each January to the address on file with HR.