Student Employees

The Clemson Libraries employ many students in its various units and branches. Both students and the Libraries benefit from student employment, as students are provided with a great place to work on campus and the Libraries are provided with cost-effective labor.

Student employees help with a wide range of projects, activities, and daily duties.

Employing Students: A Step-by-Step Guide

Forms and Resources

Student Employee Manual

Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) Volunteer Students

  • PTI is a program that provides first-time offenders with an alternative to traditional prosecution in the criminal justice system. PTI seeks to provide intervention and a second chance through rehabilitative services when those efforts can potentially deter future criminal behavior. Typically these students must complete 25-100 hours of community service in order to satisfy their contract. If you and your unit has projects that PTI students may help with, please take advantage of this program. PTI students contact Kristy or Kellie and then they alert student supervisors with details such as availability. Just let Kellie know if you are interested in working with the student(s).