Motor Vehicle Check Request Form

Truescreen is an electronic background check system that was recently implemented. Supervisors should now complete the form at the link below in order to request a motor vehicle check.

The following instructions will assist you in filling out this form:

  1. Enter Libraries in the Budget Center field.
  2. Enter candidate’s name, email, and phone number.
  3. Select “Yes” for the field “Is the position a temporary, TLP, Intermittent, Student, or Volunteer role?”
  4. Enter the billing account code: 7040-15-3001-401-301-1500000.
  5. Select MVR only (FTE) from the type of request drop-down menu

After notification that a request has been submitted is received, the HR Manager, Kristy, will send the candidate a notification via email that Truescreen will be contacting him/her. The email will be as follows:


The next step in the hiring process is the Motor Vehicle check as driving will be a job responsibility. You will receive an email link from Truescreen at the email address you provided to initiate the Motor Vehicle Check. Please be sure to check any spam or junk folders for the link if you do not see it in your inbox. You will have three business days to complete this link. If you have any questions or have technical difficulties with the link that was sent, please contact Truescreen’s help desk at 800-803-9042.

The candidate will be asked to include his/her name, DOB, address, previous addresses, Social Security number, and Driver’s License number on the motor vehicle check.

Please contact Kristy with any questions.