Professional Development Request Guidelines

The Clemson University Libraries require prior approval for all funded professional development opportunities, including travel, webinars, and memberships. If you are attending an unfunded professional development opportunity, you do not need to complete this form; however, it is still your responsibility to inform your supervisor. Approvals are obtained using our Professional Development Request Form which after submission will be automatically routed for approval signatures.

Note: Librarians who travel to Greenville as part of their job to meet with students or teach classes will not be required to use this form.  Work directly with your supervisor to arrange time out of the office for these events, and submit a travel reimbursement form or mileage log when you return.  If mileage is the only cost, feel free to submit that monthly or once per semester if you prefer. 

For Reimbursements

Employees will be reimbursed for approved travel expenses in compliance with the University travel guidelines which are governed by State and Federal travel regulations.  A completed travel reimbursement form must be submitted along with receipts for reimbursement within 60 days of completion of your travel. The travel expense form is different from the Professional Development Request Form completed prior to travel and is required in order to process the reimbursement.

Note: You must forward your approved my.Clemson email to the Business Officer for the final step of the reimbursement process or your reimbursement will not be finalized.


  1. Complete the Professional Development Request Form.
  2. The form will automatically route for the necessary approvals.
  3. You will be notified once all approvals are obtained. It is your responsibility to contact the Business Officer if you have selected a prepayment option for registrations, rentals, and/or flights.

Notes for Completing the Form

  • Registration fees that are payable by credit card can be prepaid by the Libraries.
  • Lodging reservations are the responsibility of the traveler and can’t be prepaid by the Libraries.  Please obtain a zero balance receipt for your reimbursement.
  • When a rental car is requested, the Libraries will make those reservations with the contract vendor.
  • Airfare and rail fare can be prepaid by the Libraries.
  • Destination rental car reservations may be available through the contract vendor.  If not, the traveler will be responsible for these reservations and expense can be reimbursed with a receipt.
  • Additional expenses may include parking, fuel for rental car, airline baggage fees, taxi fare, tolls, tips, etc.  Receipts are required for all expenditure categories of $25 or more.
  • Meals are reimbursed at the per diem rate and no receipts are required.