Fiscal Services

Fiscal Services is responsible for financial operations of the Libraries. These include accounts payable and receivables, budget development and stewardship, financial compliance and reporting, and procurement. Our goal is to ensure financial integrity of resources and activities.


buyWays is Clemson’s online catalog and ordering solution for items available through Clemson and state contracts.  If you need buyWays access, please contact Karen Littleton.

Libraries Business Office – Summer 2020 Procedures


Provost’s Business Office:

  • Chris Wood,  It is specified below when to contact Chris.
  • Angie Keaton,  It is specified below when to contact Angie.
  • Dustin Foxworth,  Contact Dustin as a backup if you need to get in touch with Chris or Angie and cannot reach them.

Libraries’ Admin Office:


  • Other than recurring purchases that have my pcard set up as auto payment, there won’t likely be any purchasing on my pcard.  If you need something paid on a pcard, contact Chris Wood in the Provost’s Office and copy me.
  • Be sure to send everything Chris will need to make the purchase.  If this is for a supply item, include the item #, description, quantity, shipping address, color, etc.  If this is for membership or a webinar/travel, include everything the link will ask him (your name, title, phone number, opt-in preferences, etc.).  Go through the website and enter/check everything yourself before you send him this request to ensure you don’t miss anything. 


  • Each pcard holder will need to upload their pcard receipts to the appropriate shared Box file within five business days of the pcard purchase.  Please mark on the receipt what account to charge.  If you have not been using Box for pcard receipts, a shared Box folder will be set up for you this week.
  • If you do not have access to upload the receipt due to working from home, please email the receipt information with the account to charge to Angie Keaton and copy me.   


  • Continue to fill out the PD Request Form as usual.  I will be changed from an approver on the form to a notification to keep the form from getting stopped with me. 
  • For pre-payment on the pcard, see the second bullet under PURCHASES ON MY PCARD above. 


  • This is the new form that was created shortly before we started working from home.  Fill it out as usual if you are requesting admin/dean funding for anything.


  • Be sure to use the my.Clemson travel reimbursement form for travel and webinar reimbursement payments you made yourself that you need to be reimbursed for, but keep in mind the reimbursement isn’t allowed until after the travel/webinar date.  The reimbursement form is linked on the PD Request page.  Also, only fill out the form for how much you are requesting to be reimbursed. 
  • If you need to be reimbursed for a supply item or something that isn’t travel-related, sign the receipt and email it to your unit head for approval.  Send the original receipt to my office for filing purposes.  Unit Heads, if this is coming from your budget, sign the receipt as well or indicate in an email that you approve of this reimbursement from your supply budget.  If this is coming from the admin/dean’s budget, be sure to have an approved Admin Funding Request Form to forward with the receipt.  Unit Heads, please forward these to Angie Keaton and copy me for your employee to be reimbursed. 


  • Send Buyways carts to Angie Keaton for review and submission instead of me.


  • If you have access to see the supplier/vendor tab in Buyways, check to see if the vendor you are looking for registered.
  • If you do not have access to see the supplier/vendor tab in Buyways, email Angie Keaton and request that she look in Buyways to let you know if the vendor is registered.  If Angie notifies you that the vendor isn’t registered, send her the company name, vendor rep’s contact name, contact email, phone number, and description of what you are paying the vendor for (use “library collection” if it is for monographs/serials) in order for her to send the vendor request to Procurement.


  • Email quotes to Aimey Jimm and copy me for Buyways entry after you have approval from your unit head or the dean (depending on whose budget you are using).  Be sure to specify whose budget is being used.


  • Upload invoices into the appropriate shared Box file.  If you haven’t been using a Box file for invoices yet, email your invoice to Aimey Jimm and copy me for Buyways entry.  Be sure to specify whose budget is being used.  


  • PD, supply, and student budgets are being updated this week.  If you see errors in them as of next week (when checking FBIS), please email me directly to let me know.  For those who requested FBIS access, please check it tomorrow morning (May 20th) to ensure your access works.
  • If there is anything you have requested from me or we have been working on that hasn’t been completed yet, please email me a quick reminder by tomorrow morning (May 20th) at 10AM to ensure it is completed in time.
  • This information will also be posted on StaffWeb in case you want to reference it there instead of through this email.
  • If anything else comes up that doesn’t fit into these categories, reach out to Chris Wood and copy me for guidance.

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