Library Emergency Procedures

The safety of patrons and employees is paramount in responding to emergencies. All library staff will be trained to respond to emergencies. At no time, however, should an employee place him/herself in danger as they follow these procedures. Common sense should always be used.

Each unit will have written detailed procedures as appropriate. In most emergencies, Library Administration should be informed.  For purposes of this document, Library Administration members are the Dean, Associate Dean, Unit Heads, and Facilities Manager.  Members of Library Administration will contact the appropriate members of the Disaster Team when a disaster situation develops and immediate action is needed.

A complete incident report  should be submitted after the resolution of every emergency. If a situation occurs that jeopardizes the safety of the staff or patrons, the Facilities Manager or member of Administration will issue security alerts to inform the staff of the incidents and later, of their resolutions.

Branch locations such as Gunnin Architecture Library, Library Depot, Special Collections Library and Tillman Media Center will follow the procedures established by the Building Security Coordinator in their respective buildings.

Emergencies covered in these procedures include:

Please refer to the emergency/on-call directory for any questions about the responsible person to contact in case of an emergency.

Each unit/office/area will designate employees to implement evacuation or other procedures.  

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