Project Updates

Project Updates

Here’s a snap shot of the working taking place or planned for Cooer:

1) Add network/electrical to Byrnes. Work is on-going.
2) Close first floor which includes new signage for all staircases & new lockable fire doors. Status; doors on order; signage quote is in process
3) 3rd floor study room door replacement (new lockable doors) on order – due to arrive August 10th
4) Sneeze guards for the 4th floor Learning Commons campfire tables (on order; no installation date yet)
5) 5)University sneeze guards are ready for use (to be deployed to ADS & Reference Consultation table); others available for deployment. I will ask for suggested locations or tables.
6) Hold open magnets for Cooper main staircase floors 1, 2 and 3 – in process
7) Badge reader for 4th floor ADA doors (on order – waiting for the parts and A3 will install)
8) Badge reader for the elevator cars (in process; cabling has been run)
9) Add additional network and electrical to front lobby. Work is on-going – holes were core drilled.
10) ILL move to 306D/306E will be accomplished over the next 2 weeks. Renna’s office walls to be moved Monday, August 10, 2020.
11) Network changes for 306A (Teri & Robin) and 306E (Renna’s operation); scheduled for this week;
12) Plumbing projects (add sink to Circulation 409; Dean’s suite) – in process
13) Remove window and add door to the POD

As always if you have questions, let me know!

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-Teri Alexander

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