Withdrawing Items from the Library Collection

Items are withdrawn from the collection for a number of reasons:

  • They are weeded, or designated as no longer needed in the collection
  • They are considered as damaged when they are either found on the shelf as damaged or returned damaged by a patron. In this case, circulation will forward the item to us.
  • They are lost, either by a patron or just ‘vanish’ from the collection.

To withdraw an item, do the following. These steps are the same whether you have the item in hand or not.

  • Scan the barcode into Millenium or do a title search for the item that you have been given.
  • In the item record:
    • Change status to Withdrawn
    • Change item code to Withdrawn
    • Change item message to c Send Catalogin
    • In the variable field window where the barcode is, add a new line. Type in field code x for internal message and use a macro to indicate DISCARD <month/year>.
    • Discard is used when you have the item in hand to be discarded. Lost is used when you do not have the item in hand.
    • The macros are as follows:
      • Discard– shift/F11 (use this if you have an item to get rid of.)
      • Lost– control/F7 (use this if there’s no item to get rid of). withdraw1


In the bib record:

  • If the item that you have withdrawn is the ONLY copy the library own OR if all copies on the bib have been withdrawn, change the BCODE3 from–Display to nSuppress. This keeps the record from public view with no item information available. withdraw2






If you have the item in hand, put it aside for discard processing. If you do not have the item in hand, you are finished with the process. withdraw3



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