Geographic Subdivision Policy for BSLW Unrecognized |z Subfields Reports

In Backstage’s “Unrecognized |z Subfields” report, invalid geographic names are listed along with the bib record number the heading is present in, and the heading itself.

We must check each geographic heading to make sure the form of name is correct, and make changes to subject headings in records if necessary.

In the formulation of geographic subdivisions in subject headings, there are a number of free-floating designations that can be added to a geographic name when needed (SHM H760, H800):

  • Region
  • Watershed
  • River
  • Valley
  • Delta
  • River Region

In addition, the following designations can be treated as free-floating when other names of the type can be found in the LC NAF in OCLC:

  • Districts
  • Experimental Forest
  • Experimental Range
  • Ranger District
  • Research Natural Area

To look for headings of a particular type in OCLC, do a geographic name search:

In Authorities→Search→LC Names and Subjects

OCLC Authorities Keyword Window

OCLC Authorities Keyword Window

If there are other names of the type that you have searched for, accept the name in the heading as it is. No other work needs to be done.

If the heading is a South Carolina heading, speak to Lisa about the possibility of establishing the geographic name.