Strategic Planning Task Force

Charge:  To oversee a strategic planning process that is inclusive, collaborative, data-driven, transparent, forward-thinking and action-oriented, updating our Libraries Forward Plan resulting in a three-year (2019 – 2023) plan appropriately aligned with the University’s strategic initiatives.

Specifically, to:

  • Facilitate the process, assuring that all library faculty and staff, as well as University students, faculty, and staff have a say in the content of the plan.  In particular:
    • Conduct an environmental scan of those factors, internal and external, that will affect the Library in the shorter and longer term.  Environmental scan should include:
      • Library trends and futures
      • Trends in higher education
      • An examination of various assessments, reports, and other internal library documents (10 Days to Have Your Say Feedback, SWOT analysis, Diversity Plan, Becoming a Research I final report, Libraries Master Plan, etc.)
    • Gather feedback from Libraries’ employees regarding potential changes to the existing plan (surveys, focus groups, unit responses, etc.)
    • Review the vision statement/goal statements and make adjustments as necessary
    • Review the existing strategies by which each of these goal may be achieved, and add new ones as appropriate
    • Determine measurable outcomes by which the accomplishment of said goals may be verified
  • Transcribe a draft of the revised plan resulting from this process, to be presented to the library faculty and staff for comment and the Dean of Libraries for final approval.  Draft plan should also be presented to the campus for comment.
  • Coordinate the marketing and communication of the plan (in concern with the Marketing Communications Coordinator)
  • Maintain the StaffWeb and public web presence for the plan and post minutes and reports as necessary

Deliverable:  Revised Libraries Forward strategic plan, December 2019.

Timeline:  July – December 2019.

Membership:  5 members, faculty and staff.



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