Campus Feedback Task Force


To develop a process by which Clemson Libraries can solicit online and in-person feedback from students, faculty and staff on campus. This process would encompass all libraries, with a focus on Cooper.

Specifically, to:

  • Develop an online process and platform for feedback similar to “14 Days to Have Your Say” (;
  • Provide opportunities for campus constituents to offer feedback through social media and in person, both in the libraries and in other parts of campus;
  • Feedback mechanisms should be FUN and interactive, NOT surveys, or in person meetings/visits.  Such activities may be done in concert with this initiative;
  • Develop a marketing strategy, including a web presence, social media plan, posters, and any other creative means, with a hashtag for the initiative (example: #TellCoop), to get the word out to campus;
  • Compile the results of this feedback and present to the Dean and to the Libraries’ employees.


Monies are available to pay for publicity, prizes, etc., with an approved budget. 


Mid-semester planning report to Dean providing campaign details; a final report and presentation to the Dean and the Libraries before the end of fall semester.


Fall semester.  Feedback will probably be solicited in October/early November.  Duration of feedback is up to the committee.


Six members total, including the Marketing Communications Coordinator, 2 faculty, 2 staff, and a library student assistant, with consideration for representation across the various units.