LLT Agenda – 3/5/20

Date: 3/5/2020
When and Where: 1:30 – 3:00pm, Dean’s Conference Room (Cooper Library)

• March 2 -6 is Open Education Week, raising awareness about the need for affordable access to educational materials
• March 12, 10 – 11:30am, Watt Auditorium. Presentation of Cooper Library Master Plan, Collins, Cooper, Carusi Architects. Let faculty, students and staff know they are invited to attend and provide their reactions/feedback.
• March 16-17, Madren Center. Library Carpentries event. Sign up at https://shlake.github.io/2020-03-16-Clemson/.
• Volunteers are still needed for the LIBRIS Local Planning Group. Interested? Contact Ed Rock by Friday, March 6!

1. COVID-19 Planning (Guests: Robin, Fredda)

a. Latest university planning information (Dean Cox)
b. Questions to answer from administration:

i. Emergency Operations Center (EOC) representatives and high level planners
ii. Necessary actions to suspend normal operations and cancel mass gatherings, special events, athletics, and student activities
iii. Procedures for multiple levels of communication such as shifting in-person meetings to teleconferences or online meetings, updating telephone trees, etc.
iv. For mission critical activities that must continue on-campus (ie. housing, dining, Fire, Police, etc.)

1. Positions required to continue these operations, and their readiness to do so
2. Actions/alterations that must be taken to allow continuation of critical operations

v. For mission critical and all other activities that can be accomplished via telework (ie. payroll, purchasing, etc.)

1. Positions required to continue these operations, and their readiness to work remotely
2. Hardware (computers, etc.), software, and connectivity requirements and availability/shortfalls

vi. Activities that will be suspended completely
vii. Ability of personnel to access vital records/information remotely

c. BCooP review (Robin – Draft attached)

i. Question to answer: “How will the Libraries handle an extended absence of employees, offer services remotely, identify & equip essential personnel should the campus close departments or as a whole?”

d. Services review (Suzanne – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Xxj-1zyvpmQfOBOOaN1ayLpBHQkuYY3HMcQFPRQ6qj0/edit?usp=sharing)
e. Technology planning (Chris V. – See https://docs.google.com/document/d/18i4kapECF5Uyrbaf_MrRry-_etWYblhfSqR9_rodr6M/edit#)
f. Other

i. Branch BCooPs
ii. Technology cleaning
iii. University signage

Round Robin

Parking Lot
1. Libraries’ strategic plan implementation/metrics and documentation
2. Long term building renovations strategy
3. Long term staffing plan
4. Other?

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