For questions regarding making a gift of funds or a gift of materials, please contact:

Brenda L. Burk,  Head of Special Collections at   864-656-5176   or


Making a Gift of Funds

Gifts of direct funding can assist staff in organizing, maintaining, and caring for our collections so that they may be preserved and made available for future generations. Examples of how funding may be used include:

  • Purchasing of acid-free folders and boxes.
  • Conservation or preservation of fragile materials.
  • Purchases of research collections or specific books. Many collections and books are donated to the Library each year, but there is an ongoing need to buy rare or uniquely significant pieces to match the needs of our users.

Making a Gift of Materials

Special Collections accepts gifts of books, manuscripts, and other materials that enhance and enrich its existing collections and support the instructional and research programs of the University.

Donations will be reviewed by subject specialists in the appropriate field for possible addition to the collections. Gifts are accepted with the understanding that the University becomes the owner of the material upon its receipt and reserves the right to determine retention, location, cataloging treatment, and other considerations relating to use or disposition. Gifts of manuscripts may involve additional considerations to be discussed between the University and the donor.

Special Collections may decline to accept certain gifts, including those which are not within the scope of its collections or that do not support the instructional and research programs of the University. Other gifts may not be accepted if they duplicate existing material in the Library’s collections or if their condition would require extensive preservation or preparation before they could be added to the collection.

Additional Resources

For more information, The Society of American Archivists has published pamphlets regarding gifts and donations.