CU1000 Reports Now Online

In the spring of 2013, Clemson Libraries began an annual survey of students who had completed CU 1000 (formerly LIB 100) during the previous semester to gain feedback on our content within the course. After anonymizing and processing the responses, Diana Finkle reported the survey results to the Instruction Team.

The survey has been conducted each year since then and a PDF of the slides from each year’s report is available below.

2016 Summary Presentation Slides

2015 Summary Presentation Slides

2014 Summary Presentation Slides

2013 Summary Presentation Slides

At the beginning of 2016, Diana Finkle completed an analysis of the quiz responses of fall 2015 students. It was the first time this had been done, so the methodology was developed somewhat during the undertaking. While not a result of rigorous scientific inquiry, the results did provide some interesting points.

2016 Quiz Response Analysis

Although regular content adjustments limit the benefit of longitudinal analysis, these reports provide a good overview of our presence within CU 1000.

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