Employing a Federal Work Study Student

This process only applies to Federal Work Study positions. If you are looking to employ a non-work study student, please follow the steps for employing a student.

Posting a Federal Work-Study (FWS) Job

 Step 1:  Complete a FWS Position Request (you will need to login) for each academic year and submit.

The Position Request will route to Debra Vassey, Clemson’s Federal Work-Study Manager. If you experience issues with the FWS website, please complete this Position Request form and forward to Kristy.

Step 2:  The Student Financial Aid Office will post the job(s) on the FWS website.

Review the posting to ensure accuracy. The job(s) will be accessible on-line to FWS recipients upon their FWS award.

Hiring a Federal Work-Study (FWS) Student

Step 1: FWS students will apply on-line for the posted positions in which they are interested and the department will be notified by email.

The email will include the Student’s Job Profile with name, CUID, email address, major, job interests and experiences. The student will immediately be sent an email stating the department received their application.

Step 2:  The supervisor will peruse the applications and contact students with inquiries and/or to schedule interviews.

Step 3:  Upon a hiring decision, the supervisor will click “offer” on the job profile of the chosen student.

Step 4:  After a decision to “offer” the position to a FWS student, that student has 2 options: “accept” or “decline”. 

The student’s choice is sent immediately to the supervisor. Once accepted, the job posting will be removed from the listings.

Step 5:  Close the position out.

Step 6:  The supervisor must email all applicants that were not hired so that they will know your position has been filled.

Step 7: Send the student email template with appropriate attachments.

The attachments include: I-9 form, I-9 acceptable documents, New Employee Data Sheet, Important Payroll Information, CU Student Employment Policy Summary (students)

Step 8:  Fill out the Student Action Form.

The Student Action Form (SAF) is used for many types of HR action related to student employees (hire, termination, pay increase, etc.). Please select “New Hire” as your action on the form when trying to hire a student and fill out the necessary information. Please refer to the Undergraduate Student Pay Scale when considering pay. The SAF will be electronically submitted to Kristy. Always make the hire date future-dated 3-5 days to allow time for processing (especially since COVID is still creating some delays).

Step 9: Complete the I-9 form (pages 1-2, two-sided)

Please instruct the student you are hiring to fill out Section 1 of the I-9 form according to the instructions. Section 2 should be filled out by the supervisor. The preferred forms of documentation are a valid driver’s license and Social Security Card. The driver’s license information should be included under List B and the Social Security Card information should be included under List C. Leave the “employee’s first day of employment” line blank.

*An electronic I-9 is available to use in place of the paper I-9. Email Kristy (klsnide@clemson.edu) for instructions.

If the student you are hiring does not have the necessary documentation, please contact Kristy Snider, HR Generalist.

Step 10: Make one copy of the documentation used for the I-9 form.

Please make a copy of both forms of documentation on one page.

*If the back of the Social Security Card has not been signed by the student, it is not valid. Please make sure it is signed before making a copy.

Step 11: Present a printed copy of the Student Employee Manual to the student.

Please remove the last 2 pages of the Manual for Receipt of Handbook to discuss the contents of the Student Employee Acknowledgement form. Ensure that they understand the different elements of the policies and ask them to sign both forms.  Forward these forms to Kristy Snider to be filed with his/her paperwork.

Step 12:  Refer the student to the Important Payroll Information handout.

Advise them to complete the Direct Deposit instructions on the first day of work.

Step 13: If the student will be driving a University vehicle, let Kristy know and a motor vehicle check will be completed.

Do not allow anyone to drive a university vehicle until favorable results from a motor vehicle check are received.

Step 14: Deliver the completed I-9 form, copies of documentation, completed New Employee Data Sheet,  and Student Change/Hire Form (Kristy will provide the completed Student Change/Hire Form upon entry of the Student Action Form) to the Administrative Services Building (ASB) located at 108 Perimeter Road. 

Once you have delivered the completed paperwork to an HR Representative at ASB (or dropped in the blue box in the parking lot at ASB), the student can be hired. If you are unable to deliver to ASB, please contact Kristy so that other arrangements can be made. Kristy can help you decide on a start date for the student and then confirm the hire date.

*Please note that FWS students are not allowed to work (on FWS funds) prior to the first day of class.

Keep on file: signed Student Employee Acknowledgement, and signed Receipt of Handbook