Withdrawal/Relocates using Review File/Global Update



Procedure can be applied to withdrawals or relocates, as long as all items match specifications so that the exact same changes will be made in Millennium for each record.  For example a list can consist of only monograph single volume discards with only one item record (which is to be discarded).   Or a list can consist of items to be relocated to storage from mov where we currently have 2 active copies in the same 2 locations (like one in aov and one mov).  Procedure can be done by one person performing all steps.

Step 1


Set up list, click Add icon.



Scan barcode

Read call number

Sort per PERSON B:

Fit specifications

PROBLEM  (anything that doesn’t match set specifications)  These will be dealt with later, individually or in new batch.



Check call number.  If doesn’t match, PROBLEM.

Look at Description to see if multi-volume record.  If so, PROBLEM.

Look at bib location.  If doesn’t match specifications, PROBLEM.

Click Summary to make sure number of active copies matches specifications.  If not, PROBLEM.

Tell Person A how to sort and:

If matches all specifications,  Click Add Selected Item(s).

If  PROBLEM,  Click X to close.

Click Add icon


If something added to list by mistake, highlight and click Remove icon.


Step 2

Changes to be made in Global update will depend on what you need done to each item record and bib record.  You can also view different fields before making any changes to make sure something did not get into the file that does not belong.

Example showing procedures for list of single copy mjuv books to be discarded:

Go to Global Update.

Check record type Item

Find Review file.

Search by Location (all should have mjuv)

Search by Status (all should have – AVAILABLE)

Select Command input, then Add (Change fixed length field, 60 item Code 2, Find – AVAILABLE, Replace w WITHDRAWN)  Click OK

Click Add again (Change fixed length field, 88 Status, Find – AVAILABLE, Replace w WITHDRAWN) Click OK

Click Add again (Change fixed length field, 97 Status, Find – NO MESSAGE, Replace c SEND CATALOGIN)  Click OK

Click Add again (Insert variable length field, deselect Marc field, insert Field Group Tag x Internal note, Data discard 10/2013  Click OK

Preview  (to make sure nothing funny happening)



Step 3

Go to Create Lists

Name list: [item list name] bib

Store record type: Bibliographic,  Review, review file:[item list name]


Go to Global Update

Check record type Bibliographic

Find Review file.

Search by Location (all should say mj, none should say multi)

Select Command input, then Add (Change fixed length field, Find Bib Code 3 – DISPLAY), Replace n SUPPRESS

Preview  (to make sure nothing funny happening)



Step 4

Go back to Create Lists.

Highlight review file with bibs.

Click Export Records

Click Apply Saved Export

For batch OCLC holdings deletion choose 14 Bev oclc deletes

Enter file name (once you have created one you can reuse it)

Click OK

Go to OCLC

Click on Batch—Holdings By OCLC Number

Select Action—Delete Holdings

Type in file address where your exports are saved.

Click Import box.

Click No  and do not delete your original import file.  (You can reuse it; will remain a choice under Browse)

Highlight and delete BIB UTIL # line from list.

Click OK to process.

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