Creating Holdings Records in Millennium Cataloging


Item records store and communicate information at the circulation level. It shows important attributes such as an individual item’s location, status and loan policy. Holdings records store and communicate information at a collection level: what parts of the title does the library hold?

Titles can relate to holdings as a one-to-many relationship. Holdings relate to items most frequently in a one-to-many relationship.

Title: Encyclopedia of World History. 10 volumes

Holdings: v.1,5                                                                              Holdings: v.1-3

Location: mst                                                                                Location: ast

Item: volume=v.1                                                                         Item: volume=v.1

Item: volume=v.5                                                                         Item: volume=v.2

                                                                                                         Item: volume=v.3


To create a holdings record:

1. Retrieve the bibliographic record you want to attach a holdings record to.

2. Click on Summary.

3. On the Summary tab, you will see drop-down menu labeled “a All.” Click on this drop down. Six

options appear (c Holdings is the third). When you select it, the Attach New Holdings button appears

in the Summary tab.

a. Click on Attach New Holdings.

b. A Select Template screen will appear with a New HOLDINGS record (greyed).

c. Select the multivolume template that is appropriate for the title in hand.

d. When you select a template, a dialogue box appears that prompts you to edit or add a

location. This is where the “long location” should be input. “Short” locations, found in the

bibliographic record are one or two-letter codes for libraries or locations in libraries; “long-

locations” further detail formats or materials within those locations.

For example:

Bibliographic                                                     Holdings/items

  [m] denotes Cooper Library                          [mst] denotes Cooper Library stacks

[mm] denotes Cooper Media                       [mmdvd] denotes Cooper Media DVDs


4. Once the Location is edited, click Next.

5. This allows you to edit the holdings record.

6. The h Holdings dialogue box will appear, with the MARC tag: 866 41 [80] a showing. ([=


7. After the subfield [a, code the holdings information for the title.

Instructions on how to input a holdings statement are available separately.

8. Click Next

9. Click Save on the command bar.

10. A dialogue box called “Select items to Attach yto this Holdings Record,” will appear. Click Attach.

This assumes that your items have been added before you attempt to create a holdings record.

11. Viewing the holdings record will show that the items are linked to the holdings.

12. Looking at the bibliographic record in View–Public Display will show the holdings and items.

This is a good way to check to see if the location, holdings statement, and linkage are correct.