Batch Processing of Withdrawn/Lost/Missing Items

This process is for barcode numbers received in an Excel spreadsheet. Item records in a Millennium review file should require only steps 4 forward.

1. Save barcode numbers in Excel file into a tab delimited text file with extension txt.

2. Open text file in Notepad ++ and make sure each number is on an individual line.

3. Upload into Millennium using Offline Circulation and Secure Shell. Click here for OLT documentation on this.

When the review file of items records is available:

4. Use Global Update to toggle to or find already withdrawn items.

5. Use Global Update to make changes to items with lost and paid or missing statuses.

6. In Create Lists, convert item file into a bib file.

7. In Create Lists, check bib file for bibs with already withdrawn statuses and multiple item records. Remove from the review file bibs for which there is still a copy in the collection.

8. In Global Update, change bcode 3 from Display to Suppress for all remaining records in the review file.

9. In Create Lists, export 001 fields from review file into a text file. As you set up the export parameters, be sure to make the text qualifier NONE.

10. Using the batch feature of Connexion, transfer the text file of 001 fields into the Delete Holdings utility. This will remove our OCLC holdings from suppressed records.

11. If there are any errors, correct them by searching manually in Millennium and retrieving the OCLC record.