Backstage Notification Service R03 Authority Change Report

Using html report, scan 1xx fields in Old version of Record (left side)

When you find a highlighted entry, compare to same field in New version of Record (right side)

If identical, move on to next record.

If different, search author in Millennium.

If all author entries match, move on.

If any author entries don’t match, correct (if same person)

If not same person (based on information in record, etc.) search OCLC for correct authority record.  Download if necessary and add LCCN to spreadsheet for BS Authority Adds.  If an authority record is no longer needed, delete from Millennium after adding LCCN to spreadsheet for BS Authority Deletes.

Record place in report by marking on paper distance down on scroll bar and 1xx field last reviewed.

If name also used as subject, transfer updated authority record from author to subject file (display author authority record>Edit>Copy Record>Copy as SUBJECTAuthority), delete replaced subject authority record, and correct subject headings as needed.

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