Scott Hammel

Scott Hammel has been with Clemson University since 1986 when he left the family farm in Missouri and drove 14 hours into town in his 1974 Mercury Capri to pursue a degree in Computer Science.  He got his B.S. degree on the six-year plan, finishing early in 5.5 years, while working his way through school, two and three jobs at a time, and managing to somehow maintain a respectable GPA.  He attributes it to a cynical outlook with a positive attitude, an open mind, Zen-like approach to obstacles, and Divine intervention.

In 1992, after having worked several years as a student employee with (then) DCIT, he took a position with the university as the first full-time employee charged with care and maintenance of campus public computer labs — a role he continued in for 10 years.  While in that position, he and a couple other lab support nerds wrote some awesome custom software to maintain and distribute hard-drive images to lab computers and also a custom software metering application.  Scott wrote the components that operated close to the machine, like the master boot record manipulating code for the lab computer imaging system, and the assembly stub and code injector for the metering software. Since then, he’s been lead on maintenance of several enterprise systems, led enterprise system implementation projects, developed applications with several units in CCIT, including working for several years in the Medicaid Information Technology unit.  For the past few years he has been on retainer with the Clemson University Libraries assisting with system implementations, system and server management, software development, and giving his opinions, sometimes shamelessly.  He is responsible for things like the servers that host StaffWeb and ArchivesSpace, the patron loader interface between Millennium and the university ERP systems, and Open Parks Network and Libraries projects related to digital image archiving, display, and metadata indexing and searching.

He has given numerous presentations at local and national conferences, and has no publications to his name (except that one back in the mid-90’s he wrote with another guy for Novell’s developer journal, but his name was accidentally left off the by-line, so I guess he can’t count that).  He is co-author of a bug-fix in the Apache HTTP server that has probably now been refactored away, but nevertheless was there for a while at least.  He’s tossed a couple of personal programming projects out on the Internet for free for people to have, but they’re rather esoteric and I doubt anyone uses them.  He’s developing software to manage homeschool student records and curricula to help keep his wife calm and for which she and the kids are already eminently thankful for and using though it isn’t quite fully baked yet.

Personally, Scott, once an atheist, is a devout Catholic Christian, and has been married for 18+ years to his delightful wife, Kathryn (a stay-at-home mom whom everyone calls Kathy, and who is one of the best cooks in Clemson and Master of the Leftovers Casserole, and who crocheted Scott a little fox which he carries with him almost all the time and named Proxy).  They have eight children who they (meaning mostly Kathy) homeschool.  A rather eccentric conservative, you might see him one moment roaming the botanical gardens dressed up as a fox and the next defending a conservative worldview in letters, at the voting booth, and on the Internet.  He prays every day, works on his homeschool management program now and then, reads when he can, listens to all kinds of music, rarely watches TV or movies except with his kids, is trying to write a novel, and has recently made a hobby of making curious things and anthropomorphic animal costumes.  Less than 10 years away from 28 years of service to the fine state of South Carolina, he’s eager to see how all these things might converge onto a second career path should he choose to retire from Clemson University.