Fredda Owens

Fredda began working at the Clemson Libraries in 1996 while attending college. She began as a night library technical assistant and over the years has held many positions in Circulation. She enjoys her role now as library manager of the Information Services area of I&RS, which allows her to dabble in just a bit of everything. Her primary goal is to ensure friendly, courteous and efficient customer service while coordinating workflows for the unit. The part of her job that she most enjoys is that “every day is different and things are always changing. This ensures that things never get too boring for very long. My position allows me to work in all areas of the unit. That’s the part I really enjoy.”

Fredda lives in Seneca with her husband, Dale,  and a plethora of creatures small and large. On any given day you can find her taking care of her mini hobby farm which currently includes a mini donkey, 10 goats, too many chickens, 11 rabbits, 2 dogs, 1 bird (who’s a bit grumpy and has been known to bite), and a tortoise. Fredda and her husband are very active in their church and enjoy weekends camping or boating on the lake. She also enjoys photography, spending time with her nieces and nephews, reading and cooking.