LLT Agenda – 6/4/20

Date:                                 6/4/2020

When and Where:          1:30 – 3:00pm, WebEx


  1. Reopening planning update
    1. Decision points (hours, external org bookings, etc. – list to be provided prior to meeting)
    2. Brightspot cohort update
    3. Task Forces call
  2. Libraries-wide committee re-appointment process (draft of proposal to be distributed prior to meeting)
  3. Position needs for potential reallocation
  4. Other
  5. Round Robin

Parking Lot

  1. Presentation – Libraries Master Plan (Upcoming LLT meeting)
  2. Libraries’ strategic plan implementation/metrics and documentation
  3. Long term building renovations strategy
  4. Long term staffing plan
  5. Other?



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