Library Technology Monthly Update 05/03/2021

Greetings, colleagues! Welcome to the second edition of Library Technology’s monthly updates. I’ve tried to keep it short and sweet this time around, but feel free to let me know if there’s something you want to know more about!


  • Beginning June 2, TigerOne Card Services will have IDs available on Android phones and watches to all employees and students, in addition to the IDs currently available on Apple iPhones and watches. Starting this summer ALL incoming students will have to use Mobile ID and no more TigerOne cards will be issued unless the student doesn’t have a device, doesn’t have a compatible device, or elects to purchase a plastic card. An announcement will come out this month to publicize the change. We worked with TIgerOne this spring to ensure that all of our public-facing card reading systems are compatible with the mobile IDs on Apple and Android devices, so none of our public services should be affected by the change.    
  • As of last Friday, April 30, Sirrine Hall is no longer available as a study space. As noted by Suzanne in today’s announcements, the Libraries will not require seat booking for the summer. Study rooms will still be bookable and we are considering seat booking for spaces/zones that have limited capacity such as the 6 computers on the 4th floor or a silent study area on the 2nd floor. This will go into effect May 11. Bhavin will update our home page and the seat booking site to reflect these changes. Chris Vinson is working with other campus partners to determine their needs for seat booking over the summer. 
  • Our second shipment of 34-inch curved monitors have arrived! Richard and Paul will work on getting those out to you as soon as possible. Kudos to both of them for unpacking and moving a half dozen palettes of monitors!


  • Ex Libris hosts our servers for Alma and Primo VE at a data center in Moses Lake, WA, but the provider of that data center has decided to close that facility. Therefore, Ex Libris must move the servers housed there to a new data center in Seattle, WA over Memorial Day weekend. This move will result in 24 hours of downtime for Alma and Primo VE. This change will not impact any system settings. 
    • Downtime will be from 9pm EDT Saturday, May 29th to 9pm EDT Sunday, May 30th.
    •  We are already scheduled to be closed that weekend with summer hours. The hours in Alma have been confirmed as accurate so that items due on those days will not accrue fines. 
    • PASCAL is coordinating global and local alerts in Primo while a team here in the Libraries is working on messaging our alerts for the website. We will begin to show these alerts on May 17th.  
  • This year the annual Ex Libris Users of North America (ELUNA) meeting will be online and at no cost spread over various days in May. See the ELUNA Annual Meeting page for details and registration information. These sessions are focused on updates from the ELUNA Steering Committee, ELUNA Working Groups, and Ex Libris Management. The first session was scheduled for today and the program runs throughout the month. All events will be recorded and available to view on demand.

Creative Technologies

  • As announced by Dean Cox in March, we will receive $250,000 from Adobe to refresh the Adobe Digital Studio! Renovation priorities will include updating the technology and infrastructure in the video and audio studios, adding new collaborative areas and pop-up teaching space. 
  • Cooper Makerspace expansion project still ongoing. More to come about strengthening the relationship between the Adobe Digital Studio and the Cooper Makerspace during this period of expansion and innovation… 
  • Hoping that some work for both projects will happen this summer but TBD on final completion dates because of some pauses from the university on construction projects. We’ve been approved to proceed with construction for Cooper Makerspace 
  • ADS will be open by-appointment only this summer. Access help or the studios using the forms found on the ADS page of the Libraries website. Cooper Makerspace will be mostly closed, as we work on cleaning and packing, but the Watt Makerspace will be open generally 9-5 M-F.




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