Tenure and/or Promotion to Associate Committee [TPAC]

Group Purpose

All tenure-track faculty in their sixth year of tenure-track service, including any probationary period credits, must be considered for tenure. Faculty with the rank of Assistant Librarian or higher are eligible for tenure. The TPAC Committee is responsible for ascertaining what documentation is necessary, communicating requirements to the candidate, reviewing the tenure and/or promotion file, and advising the Library Chair or Dean, as appropriate, on all tenure and promotion to Associate decisions.


The TPAC shall consist of three tenured regular faculty members of the Library faculty, plus an alternate, all at the rank of Associate Librarian or higher. The Committee shall be elected by the Library faculty, either in person or electronically, via secret ballot within 10 business days of the Library Chair announcing the names of candidates up for tenure and promotion to Associate Librarian. The Committee shall select its own chair.