Promotion to Librarian Committee [PLC]

Group Purpose

While there may occasionally be exceptions, a library faculty member typically will serve at least five full years at the rank of Associate Librarian before applying for promotion to Librarian. To qualify for this rank, an Associate Librarian must have continued to excel in Librarianship. The rank of Librarian is reserved for faculty members who have excelled in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities, and merited distinction in Service. Regional or national recognition should reflect their superior achievements and leadership. Only those faculty members who have discharged their responsibilities with distinction and demonstrated continued growth in their other professional activities while employed by the Libraries will be promoted.

It is the Promotion to Librarian Committee’s responsibility to ascertain what documentation is necessary and communicate that to the candidate; carry out the subsequent review; and convey a recommendation to the Chair or Dean.


The Committee will consist of three tenured regular faculty members, plus an alternate, all at the rank of Librarian. Terms of office shall be three years on a rotating basis. The alternate shall be the immediate past member of the PLC and shall serve when a member of the Committee must be absent for a specific review.

Committee members shall be elected by secret ballot in the spring of each year, with service beginning immediately thereafter. Committee members shall not succeed themselves but may be elected to serve any number of times. A member becomes chair for a year in the second year of service on the Committee.