Library Fellows Committee

Group Purpose

This committee coordinates the Library Fellows Program by:

  • Working with Unit Heads to develop position descriptions for 3-year, term-limited, unit-based projects
  • Recruiting and interviewing potential candidates for the program, with special focus on under-represented populations in the field of library science
  • Acting as faculty mentors to guide and review their work or connecting Fellows with faculty mentors if none on the committee suffice
  • Serving as annual reviewers with Unit Head, Chair, and Dean
  • Advising the Dean regarding Fellows-related matters in the Libraries
  • Developing recommendations for guidelines and policies regarding the program for referral to the Dean of Libraries and/or the library faculty


The committee shall be composed of three library faculty serving staggered three-year terms. Committee members shall be elected by the Library Faculty by secret ballot in the spring of each year with service beginning immediately thereafter. Committee members shall not succeed themselves but may be elected to serve any number of times. A member becomes chair for a year in the second year of service on the Committee. The Unit hosting Fellows may be asked to supply an ex officio member, as needed.