Reappointment Committee

In order to provide for broader-based peer evaluation, there shall be a library faculty Reappointment Committee [RC] to advise the Chair or Dean, as appropriate, on all reappointments.



The Committee shall be composed of three tenured regular library faculty members, plus an alternate and one untenured regular library faculty member to serve in an advisory capacity. The terms of office shall be three years for the tenured members of the RC, on a rotating basis, and one year for the alternate and for the untenured member. The alternate shall be the immediate past tenured member of the RC and shall serve when a member of the Committee must be absent for a specific review.

Committee members shall be elected by a secret ballot in the spring of each year with service beginning immediately thereafter. Committee members shall not succeed themselves but may be elected to serve any number of times. A member becomes chair for a year in the second year of service on the Committee.