Post-Tenure Review Committee

Group Purpose

All tenured regular faculty members are subject to post-tenure review as described in the Faculty Manual and in accordance with the Faculty Action Calendar published annually by the Office of the Provost.


The Post-Tenure Review Committee (PTRC) shall consist of three tenured regular members of the Library Faculty, plus an alternate, excluding the Dean and the Chair. An external Committee member shall be added if a faculty member under review chooses that option for Part II. The terms of service shall be three years for the internal members with the immediate past member of the PTRC serving one year as the alternate. An alternate serves when a member of the Committee is being considered for post-tenure review or when a member must be absent for a specific review.

Internal members of the PTRC shall be elected by a secret ballot in the spring of each year with service beginning immediately thereafter. The(se) member(s) shall be elected on a rotating basis and shall not succeed themselves. A member becomes chair for a year in the second year of service on the Committee. External members, if required, will serve for a specific review. Internal members of the PTRC shall select and appoint external members.