Information Access Committee

Group Purpose

  • Advise the Dean on collection-related matters in the Libraries
  • Develop recommendations for guidelines and policies regarding collection management and access to external sources of information for referral to the Dean of Libraries and/or the library faculty
  • Recommend the addition and deletion of titles (serials, databases, etc.) obtained by subscription from ongoing serials funds and set the yearly allocation of monographic funds
  • Notify the selectors of monographic funds allocated, the method used for allocation, and the timetable for spending them
  • May appoint ad-hoc groups of faculty to deal with short-term issues

Faculty members may ask the Committee to review its decisions. In the case of further disagreement, the faculty member may appeal the Committee’s decision to the Dean. The Dean’s ruling is final.


Members, with the exception of ex officio members, serve three-year staggered terms. There shall be seven members, as follows:

  • Unit Head, Technical Services & Collection Management (ex officio)
  • Unit Head, Information & Research Services (ex officio)
  • Electronic Resources Librarian (ex officio)
  • One representing the architecture/art and humanities selectors
  • One representing the business, education, and social sciences selectors
  • One representing the agriculture, engineering, nursing and sciences selectors
  • One member from the faculty at large