Information & Research Services Monthly Update 05/14/2021

Information Services


Library Services Desk
We are busily preparing for Fall. Nick Baldwin is now on day shift and will be handling technology reservations.
We’ve ordered several new tech items and will spend part of the summer cataloging and readying the items for checkout.
I&RS has successfully implemented our new eReserves platform, Leganto, AKA “Course Resources Lists.” Training will be offered for Faculty Liaisons on May 26th at 10AM and during the July 11th Research Services meeting. If interested in learning more, please contact someone on the Leganto Campus Engagement Team (Maggie Albro, Fredda Owens, Lori Bryant, Anne Grant, Suzanne Rook-Schilf, Bob Freeman, Rodger Bishop) for more information and a Zoom invite!
The Leganto Campus Engagement Team is also partnering with Clemson Online to participate in their Quick Hits instructional demonstrations, to be held via Zoom on July 15th and October 7th (more information and sign-up coming soon!).
I&RS is exploring the possibility of a Textbook Reserve Program for Fall 2021. Rodger Bishop & Yang Wu will begin program planning at the end of May and will hope to work with a potential (and generous) donation from CUSG. The Textbook Reserve Program aims to provide wider access to select course texts that we identify as high-need, such as those for classes with higher levels of student drop & failure, as well as texts that are significantly more expensive.
New summer hours – The Library Services Desk is open 7:30am-6pm Monday-Friday for the summer and closed weekends.

Cheryl Ruff, a facilities employee, is temporarily assisting at the Security Desk.
Student employee access has been moved to the 4th floor main entrance.
CUPD recently came by for an informal building audit.
Seat booking is no longer needed to visit the library, effective May 10th. However, Covid clearance is still required and patrons must scan to access entry to the 4th floor. Booking is still available for classrooms and computer workstations.

Finishing shifting forward on the fifth floor after clearing the remaining short ranges in March. We ended up with more space than anticipated and are now trying to shift forward periodically to even out the first 10 ranges to fill in gaps.
Dusting and straightening ranges on the first floor (not in areas where large amounts of mold were found).
Periodically dusting open areas of ranges on the fifth floor. It’s kind of a lost cause but we try to dust at least twice a month.
A scanning project started and a spreadsheet listing needed material circulated. All items were pulled, triple checked by students and the stacks supervisor. The spreadsheet was updated with missing items and other info. Found items were packed and are awaiting instructions to ship to the depot.
Another project concerning relocating the remaining theses/dissertations on the fifth floor to remote storage began as well. The process is still in its early stages and we anticipate getting started on pulling/packing theses around May 10.

The EMC and DML Lab have been collaborating with the Libraries to determine and implement COVID policy and space changes for the summer semester, which included relocating and socially distant line queuing for our CCIT Lab Printer as well as redistributing storage to reopen our meeting room for patrons. Cierra coordinated an amazing, socially distanced, and masked student employee appreciation event to end the semester and also conducted annual performance reviews of all 10 student employees. Tara worked with a College of Education faculty member to create an EDLT-8110 Advanced Children’s and Young Adult Literature summer course instructional video about the need for more diverse and #ownvoices books and assessment and development of inclusive classroom book collections. Gordon has been researching and ordering lots of materials for the EMC as well as Cooper’s juvenile collection.

Research Services
Faculty & staff in Research Services have continued to provide in-depth online research consultations and reference via chat and email.

Ongoing searches for:
A new Instructional Specialist
Health Sciences Librarian
Social Sciences and Government Information Librarian

Jenessa provided Health Information Resources Overview on 5/4
CU Navigate Training provided for pilot group of librarians who will provide research service via the CU Navigate (advisor) portal on 5/10
Liaison Training provided for liaisons on 5/12 about Leganto
Anne provided a chance for instructors to talk about how to report instruction in their annual reviews on 5/13

Anne and Megan provided a webinar for ACRL talking about the Instruction Reporting Form in Project Outcome on 4/19 – about 50 people attended this national presentation

Resource Sharing
General Updates
Updated ILLiad from version 9.0.4 to 9.1.3 on Friday, May 7. This enables us to use Atlas Systems Decision Support Pipeline, which is a system of routing and business rules that further automate filling requests.
Working on updating StaffWeb with courier and mailroom information.

Interlibrary Loan Borrowing
YTD physical materials borrowed (books, DVDs, etc.): 1034
YTD electronic materials borrowed (articles, book chapter scans, etc.): 1,349
Added Internet Archive as free lender through RapidILL
Added Linda Hall Library and Reprints Desk as lenders of last resort (since they’re pay services) through RapidILL

Interlibrary Loan Lending
YTD physical materials borrowed (books, DVDs, etc.): 511
YTD electronic materials borrowed (articles, book chapter scans, etc.): 631
Scan and Deliver
YTD scan requests: 797

PASCAL Delivers
Currently lent: 66
Currently borrowed: 124
The PASCAL Courier comes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. They will start running Monday – Thursday when the fall semester begins. (Please note, this is negotiated on a state level and we have no control over this.)

Offsite Storage
YTD circulation: 439 items
Working on plans to optimize space in 129 so that Russell, Erika, and student workers have:
6 specially fitted book carts that slide directly on Raymond forks in order to minimize lifting heavy book trays
Noise-minimizing space in which to work and participate in meetings

Starting May 10th, the courier will run from 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Working with TSCM to move backlog of new books to Cooper and branches.
Remember to fill bins halfway to save everyone’s back!
Established listserv for communication re: courier among constituents. If you want to be added, please email Maggie Mason Smith at
Need to reserve the van? The van lives at the Depot and there is a shared calendar for its use. Email Renna Redd at to be added to the calendar to reserve.

Mailboxes in the mailroom are available for anyone who wants one. Due to social distancing, we are unable to deliver mail to individual units and departments at Cooper.

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