Dean’s Update – 5/8/21

Good morning, colleagues.  It’s Friday!  Congratulations to our student assistants and all others who graduated this week.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there.  Here is the latest:

  1. Committee appointments:  I have completed appointments to all library committees save the EDI Committee.  Thanks to all who served and rolling off the committee this year.  Here are the new members:
    • Web Advisory Committee:  Camille, Megan Palmer, Renna – 3-year appointments
    • Marketing Committee:  Lili has been added for a 1-year term.
    • Organizational Development Committee:  Maggie Mason-Smith and Kellie Marlatt – 3-year appointments.
    • EDI Committee:  Derek – 3 year term, Kirstin O’Keefe – 2 year term.  Still have one more slot to fill.
  2. Marketing Update:  We have identified a Temp and are awaiting permission to move forward.  I will also be meeting with the Marketing Committee, making them a more formal Libraries committee and engaging them in assisting in particular with helping to develop a campaign to welcome students and faculty back to the Libraries this fall.
  3. Summer/Fall Plans: EPG met last week, discussed summer and began preliminary planning for fall.
    • We don’t anticipate any changes for summer.  Testing, entrance protocols, capacity management, masks, distancing remain in place.
    • For the fall, we are hearing no social distancing or capacity limits, but masks and testing will continue.  In-person meetings, classes and events will take place as they did prior to COVID-19.  Final decisions on this will be made June 25.
    • Summer changes:
      • Starting Monday, May 10, we will no longer be requiring seta booking.  We have not seen the capacity issues we expected and summer will be slow.  Computer table booking will continue. Depending on the response, we may bring back seat booking to a certain area of the library if there is student demand.
      • Student assistants will be able to enter through the main entrance starting Monday. They will still need to scan in.
      • Quarantining of [physical library materials will cease starting Monday.
    • Fall prep:
      • Furniture moves (return of chairs and tables) are tentatively scheduled for July 12.
      • We are making arrangements to start up meeting room bookings again.
  4. Service activity opportunity:  Teri and I are working on a service activity outside on campus at the end of the month. We are going to be planting the bed in the traffic circle in front of the Watt Center.  All plants and tools are being provided by campus facilities.  Teri will put out a call for volunteers.  The activity will take place during work time, so you don’t need to take leave, but check with your supervisor if interested.
  5. Writing Lab Move:  We are continuing discussions with the English department about a move of the Writing Lab to the Libraries, opening here in the fall.  We are targeting the juvenile collection room and the offices vacated by the University Press as the location.  A final location for the juvenile collection has not been identified.  We are discussing the room on third floor past the classroom as a possibility (currently houses vending). The climate remains promising for a move, but final decisions and specific plans have not been made yet.
  6. Association of University Presses Application:  We are in the final stages of completing the Clemson University Press’ application to the Association of University Presses (AUP – John and I hope to have good news about this in the fall.
  7. Strategic Planning and Library-wide Goals for FY22:  Yesterday LLT met to discuss the documents shared with you previously regarding progress to the library-wide goals for FY21 and to identify the goals for FY22.  Megan Palmer will be working with the units and project leads to report on our progress this year and updates will be added to a new interactive version of the strategic plan on the web site.  There was general agreement on the goals for FY22, following the color-coded strategic plan document.  I will be working on a final version for distribution next week.  Lastly, we discussed the “signature programs’ list, identifying areas of strength that we would invest in further.  If you have any additional ideas related to this list, send them my way.

That’s all for today.  It’s a beautiful one out there.  Have good one and a great weekend!

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